Influencer Canvas Design Collaborations

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Cat Eyes and Candy x PALM

We worked with Cat Eyes and Candy to create some template canvas designs, available now below.

Cat Eyes and Candy

Sample Canvas Design Ideas

Design Templates

Customize & Create Your Own

CEC "Eyeliner on Point" Canvas

Great for Makeup Lovers & Goal-Getters!

CEC "Style Flamingo" Canvas

Everybody is Different so Embrace it & Be a Flamingo.

CEC Inspo Canvas

Get Inspired to Make Progress Everyday!

Couples Canvases

Show Your Significant Other & Everyone How Much You Care!

Customize Your "Eyeliner On Point" Canvas

Create Your Own Makeup Inspiration Today.

Customize Your Own "Style Flamingo" Canvas

Customize and Make Your Own Style Statement.

Customize Your Own Inspo Canvas

Add Your Favorite Quote to Your Walls to Inspire You Every Single Day!

Customize Your Own Couples Canvas

Great for anniversaries, weddings, engagements, birthdays, and lets not forget about Valentine's Day!